Simple access to public location data.

There’s a wealth of public location information freely available on the web – but it’s hard to get at!

LocationData collects and organizes public geographical and location based data – providing quick and efficient access to valuable info for any purpose. The data we collect isn’t proprietary or gated. But it can be extremely time consuming and cumbersome to gather this data, organize it into friendly formats, and parse it down to its usable components. LocationData handles this process for you and provides a reliable site and search interface to access always up to date, cleanly structured public location data.

Our current focus is to provide rich and complete demographic and other data organized by zip code. Learn key information about any zip code in the US including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Population and Demographics
    • Population Density
    • Population Change Over Time
    • Age Distribution
    • Race Distribtion
    • Marital Status
  • Income and Economic Characteristics
    • Income Bracket Distribution
    • Median Family Income Over Time
    • Sources of Income
    • Retirement Income
  • Education Data
    • Education Level Distribution
    • Public vs Private School
    • Fields of Study
  • Occupation and Work Characteristics
    • Occupation Distribution
    • Means of Transportation to Work
    • Commuting Time and Characterstics
  • Housing Data
    • Home Value Distribution
    • Home Year Built
    • # of Room
    • Average Monthly Rent
    • Rent Distribution
    • Mortgage Distribution

And so much more! This is just the surface of the detailed data displayed on each page. Below you can find examples of unique charts that are generated for each set of data.

As the team at LocationData.US continues to grow, this type of data will expand to the county level, state level, and beyond.